Двухканальный линейный драйвер ASP-L2 BT

Двухканальный линейный драйвер ASP-L2 BT
Двухканальный линейный драйвер ASP-L2 BT
Двухканальный линейный драйвер ASP-L2 BT
Двухканальный линейный драйвер ASP-L2 BT
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In 2015, if you want the best sound and all the dynamic range your system is capable of, you need a signal line driver.

In the 90’s, any decent deck had 4 volts of preamp output. Some had 8V and some even had 12V. But now, even the best units have only 4V RMS and most are barely 2V, and that’s 2 volts only at 1KHz at clipping. Ask the deck to produce preamp voltage at all frequencies (like when you’re playing music) and that voltage drops by 1/2 and often even more. `

What does this mean to you? First, when you have less signal going down your RCA cables you need to gain your amp up to get volume and then your system has more background hiss and likely more distortion. An even bigger tragedy is that you are compressing the dynamic range of the music. You lose the difference between the quiet and the loud and the music sounds “canned”. There’s no life in the music. What’s the answer? A Zapco Signal Line Driver Preamp. The ASP-L2 BT is a true 9.5Volt output line driver with 14Volts peak. The ASP-L2 has a single pair of inputs, but it has 2 pair of outputs so you can run both a bass and a highs amplifier off the same preamp output. And, of course, each output signal gets 9.5Volts RMS.

Bluetooth Streaming : Streaming : The ASP-L2 BT is not just an awesome 9.5V RMS line driver. It is also a Bluetooth input for your sound system. The L2 BT also comes with a dash remote level control so you can match the level of your Bluetooth device and the level of your head unit and use the L2 BT remote as your system volume control.

Lets take it a step further: If you do most of your listening to on a iPod, MP3 player, or other Bluetooth devise, why do you need a head unit? Really, when you have an ASP-L2 BT line driver you have your Bluetooth input, your signal line driver, and your volume control. So the head unit becomes the optional accessory! You don’t need a head unit if you don’t want one. If you have a motorcucle, boat, classic car, hot rod, 4-wheeler, or side by side RV, you probably don’t want to have to put a head unit in the vehicle. The ASP-L2.BT is exactly what you need.


- We start with a choice of balanced or unbalanced inputs THD .01%
- We use audiophile quality audio caps and op-amps S/N 92dB
- We give you outputs for both Bass and Highs amps Stereo Separation 65dB
- We use high precision pots custom built just for Zapco Preamp output 9.5V RMS / 14V PeaK
- We give you all the versatility you’ll ever need

Dimensions (mm) L/W/H: 102 x 119x x39
Mounting Dim. With Feet/Term.: 127 x 119 x 39


- 2-Channel in/4-Chanel out line driver at 9.5Volrs RMS, 14Volts peak
- Bluetooth Music Streaming
- Balanced/unbalanced inputs
- Selectable ground reference
- Remote level control for system volume

Производитель: Zapco
Цена: 14 892 Руб.